08.) Sparks FX (ABC S1E4, “Security Systems”)

08.) Sparks FX (ABC S1E4, “Security Systems”)
(Recorded on 21 Jan. 2021)

In this episode we discuss the ABC TV Transmission from 21 April 1987, “Security Systems,” how artificial intelligences seem to like working blue, and how this particular storyline hits a little too close to home.

Heather noticed some… interesting… lobby decor.

Austin seems to enjoy Max’s music selections this episode.


In our next episode, we will be interviewing writer Michael Cassutt, who was one of two primary writers that worked on the program, and helped shape it into what it became. You won’t want to miss this one, and don’t forget to check out our YouTube Channel, as it will have a video version of the episode, that you can watch along with the show.

3 thoughts on “08.) Sparks FX (ABC S1E4, “Security Systems”)”

  1. Theora may (eventually) be the girl of Edison’s dreams. But I think Bryce is his soulmate since they shared a near-death experience together in this episode which is far more intimate than any sexual situation.

    1. I think you’re right. Later episodes show that Edison does seem protective of Bryce, and I can totally see them connected by almost dying together at SS. Might be worth exploring that to some degree in the future.

      There’s sort of a Superman / Jimmy Olsen vibe between Edison / Bryce, at least in the way Supes / Jimmy are portrayed in the radio show. (Not sure if it’s quite the same in the movies or comic.)

      I do think that and adult Bryce with an Edison “advisor” (sort of like Batman Beyond) would be an interesting direction to take it all. Who can say?

      1. with Edison’s influence, I could see Bryce eventually deciding to become a cub reporter. He’s not going to be happy staying locked in his studio now that he’s been out of his cage.

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