07.) Big Into Blankets (ABC S1E3, “Body Banks”)

07.) Big Into Blankets (ABC S1E3, “Body Banks”)
(Recorded on 6 Jan. 2021)

In this episode we discuss the ABC TV Transmission from 14 April 1987, “Body Banks,” why it’s not cool to make people work after you start a party (at work), why the point of view of this show is still not very considerate of non-cis-male viewers, and how so many characters in this episode have got, “The Look.”

Heather is very concerned about the appearance of Fang in this episode.

Austin has quite a bit of evidence for why this one is out of order.


In our next episode, we will be discussing S1E4 of the US TV Program, “Max Headroom,” originally aired 21 April 1987. Titled “Security Systems,” it is currently available on DVD through Shout Factory, and comes with a number of excellent bonus features. If you are a l33t hax0r, then this link will serve your needs. 

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