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Starting 21 March 2021, you can find new episodes of our show in your podcast feed.

Our second episode, where we discuss the “Max Headroom” telefilm first aired on Channel 4 on 4 April 1985, will hit your feed on 4 April 2021, to mark the 36th Anniversary of the occasion.

New Episodes will be available every two weeks after that.

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20 Minutes Into The Future on YouTube.

Periodically, video will accompany an interview or particular episode. These will be hosted on our YouTube, where you can enjoy the visual as well as the audio content.

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You can also follow us on Mixcloud, where a number of kids are hosting their shows:

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Or, you can use our corporate sanctioned, Censor-Monitored, Network 23-Approved CommLink, via iTunes:

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And here’s an Agnostic Feed for your use in nearly any aggregator that you might find appropriate:



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