10.) Janie’s Got A [Camera] Gun (ABC S1E5, “War”)

10.) Janie’s Got A [Camera] Gun (ABC S1E5, “War”)
(Recorded on 23 Feb. 2021)

In this episode we discuss the ABC TV Transmission from 28 April 1987, “War,” new office slang, how easy it is to figure out that Phil is the weak link at your office, and this episode’s obsession with Italian art film.

Heather discovers she is related to the lead character in this episode.

Austin introduces Heather to a new idea for a podcast: The Firmcast.


In our next episode, we will be discussing S1E6 of the US TV Program, “Max Headroom,” originally aired 5 May 1987. Titled “The Blanks,” it is currently available on DVD through Shout Factory, and comes with a number of excellent bonus features. As it happens, this link doesn’t actually exist, which is a bonus for  you.