19.) The Max Headroom Initiative

19.) The Max Headroom Initiative
(Recorded on 18 May. 2023.)

In our continuing efforts to get back on track with our every-other-week release schedule, we are rolling out some Max Headroom Mini’s – in other words, some Maxis – that offer some of the bite-sized bits that have come our way, and don’t precisely have a home in a full episode. This week, we discuss Austin’s appearance on The Incomparable Episode #667, and why our listeners might want to tune in. (If they aren’t already.)

Heather has some questions for her co-host that was suddenly on a different podcast talking about THEIR topic.

Austin offers sausage making tips and a new song about the experience.


We encourage you to help with our Patreon Fundraiser, where we are working with Michael Cassutt to create an audio-drama version of his lost vintage Max Headroom script, “Families.” So if you help support Austin Rich so he doesn’t have to punch a clock, then we can get more of this kind of material to you, quickly.

In our next episode, we will be offering either some additional Maxis, or our promised conversation about the film Network, which seems to currently be streaming on HBO Max, though who can say how long that will be? There are a number of other places to find it, too, so check it out, and we’ll get out next episode out, ASAP.