09.) The Michael Cassutt Interview: “Follow Your Interests”

The Michael Cassutt Interview: “Follow Your Interests”
(Recorded on 7 Apr. 2021)

Join us for a conversation with Michael Cassutt, a television producer and writer who has pursued a very unique career path, largely so he can keep writing science fiction and fantasy stories of one variety or another. In this show, we get the full dirt on breaking into writing, how he got on at The Twilight Zone, how that led to working on Max Headroom, and where his career led him after that.

Still active, still writing, and most recently working as a novelist and non-fiction writer, Michael is a wonderful person to chat with, and we had a delight getting to know him.

Heather is curious about Michael’s radio career.

Austin demands to know what it was like to work with Joe Dante.



(We encourage you to enjoy the video version, which has us speaking with Michael in a fairly casual setting. The video is a more “raw” representation of the conversation, and does not contain all the audio editing and production that you will find in the podcast. There are elements in this presentation that are NOT a part of the podcast – and vice versa – so they are both worth checking out.)

In our next episode, we will be discussing S1E5 of the US TV Program, “Max Headroom,” originally aired 28 April 1987. Titled “War,” it is currently available on DVD through Shout Factory, and comes with a number of excellent bonus features. If you think you are willing to move toward the enemy lines for this exclusive, you might need this link to survive these combat conditions.

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