12.) Blank Life (ABC S1E6, “The Blanks”)

12.) Blank Life (ABC S1E6, “The Blanks”)
(Recorded on 9 Mar. 2021)

In this episode we discuss the ABC TV Transmission from 5 May 1987, “The Blanks,” Star Trek ZOOM Parties, the show’s continued interest in coffee gags, and how Bryce models the kinds of complements you should deliver to your coworkers.

Heather invents a new drink: Green Coke.

Austin drop’s the Dre / Blank Reg collaboration we didn’t know we all needed to hear.



In our next episode, we will be discussing six songs that connect to (or remind us) of Max Headroom, selected by our hosts. You can watch the music videos for these songs in this playlist:

2 thoughts on “12.) Blank Life (ABC S1E6, “The Blanks”)”

  1. Bryce was very considerate in his compliment of Theora. Edison and Murray could certainly learn a thing or two from him. Pity the show didn’t continue on into Bryce’s adulthood. It would be interesting to see Theora beginning to have feelings for the older Bryce while Bryce tried to figure out if he were developing feelings for Edison or if it were just gratitude. (I think Bryce would be more likely to develop feelings for Edison than Theora since Max did claim Bryce tried to kiss him offscreen in one episode. And he was modeled after real life AI theorist Alan Turing.)

    1. I absolutely agree! A teenaged Bryce, wrestling with adulthood, would have been great. But I think he would have a bit of a crush on Edison, as Edison saved his life in “Security Systems.” Bryce was getting ready to face death, and that does make you see other people differently.

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