13.) Big Time Television #2

13.) Big Time Television #2
(Recorded on 10 June 2021)

In this episode we discuss six songs from the ’70s and ’80s, and do our best to summarize the first season of Max Headroom. This turns into a free-ranging conversation about the world of Max, these six videos, and a little-known artist that Heather seems to know quite a bit about.

Heather finds three more ways to talk about her biggest obsession.

Austin gets to relive a moment from one of his favorite Savage Steve Holland films.


In our next episode, we will be splicing together a number of leftover bits from a handful of previous episodes. We have a lot more Bowie / music talk that we couldn’t fit into this episode, and we include two sections of conversation with Michael Cassutt that we couldn’t fit into the panel discussion or the solo interview.

We also have a VERY BIG ANNOUNCEMENT that we will be revealing at the end of that episode so you won’t want to miss it!