17.) Circle Takes The Square (Netflix S2E7, “Friend Zoned…”)

17.) Circle Takes The Square (Netflix S2E7, “Friend Zoned…”)
(Recorded on 15 Mar. 2022)

In this episode we discuss the Netflix reality TV program, The Circle, this time, a show that Heather knows very well, and Austin has never seen before. Everything’s backwards this time, but these two manage to still find some way of engaging the content, just like they would otherwise.

Heather introduces Austin to one of her favorite Reality TV Show.

Austin manages to still bring it all back to Max Headroom in the end.


In our next episode, we are not entire sure what we will be talking about yet. We have a number of episodes recorded that could well be next. However, from here on out, we won’t be doing any previewing of next week’s show, until we get a better sense of how to deploy our upcoming shows.

We encourage you to help with our Patreon Fundraiser, where we are working with Michael Cassutt to create an audio-drama version of his lost vintage Max Headroom script, “Families.”

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