03.) [keyboarding] (ABC S1E1, “Blipverts”)

03.) [keyboarding] (ABC S1E1, “Blipverts”)
(Recorded on 15 Oct. 2020)

In this episode we discuss the ABC TV Transmission from 31 March 1987, “Blipverts,” hiring children to work in tech offices, and how the few diverse and progressive elements in the show still managed to avoid naming characters, giving them dialog, or passing the Bechtel Test.

Heather experiences a strange sense of déjà vu… again.

Austin posits that cyberpunk is secretly a Christmas genre.


Next Episode: We take a break from reviewing Max, and would ask that you Join us for a conversation with Brian Frankish, Steve Roberts and Michael Cassutt, as they discuss what it was like to be “Writing & Producing The Future: THAT’S What They Want To Do?”

Only on: 20minutesintothefuture.org



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