11.) We’re Watching Screens of Them Watching Screens (Watch Party 1 – Channel 4 Telefilm Commentary Track)

11.) We’re Watching Screens of Them Watching Screens (Watch Party 1 – Channel 4 Telefilm Commentary Track)
(Recorded on 3 Apr. 2021)

In this episode, we present recordings from the evening of our first watch party, where you can listen along like it is a commentary track for the Channel 4 Telefilm, “Max Headroom.” Essentially: 20 Minutes Into The Future does RiffTrax, and YOU ARE THERE.

Heather added just a tiny-bit too much fernet branca to her cocktail.

Austin has – OH NO! – written jokes! (Gasp!)


If you would like to watch along, you might want to use this link, as we cannot include more than samples from the original telefilm in this presentation. With that in mind, you will want to use the three “beeps” that are included in this episode, to synch your video and audio. As you are listening to this podcast, enjoy the opening, as we spend about seven minutes setting the stage for what you will hear.

After that, you will hear two short beeps and one, longer beep. (Sort of like a filmstrip, from when we were kids.) At the end of the longer beep, press “play” on the device you are using to watch the video. The two should synch up, and there are four moments during the video that our podcast audio and the audio from the video will match. If they do; congratulations. You can enjoy the presentation. Three more times during the show, samples from the video will give you a chance to monitor how well the video is synching. If they don’t line-up, then something went wrong. Try to re-align using the sample to guide you.

In our next episode, we will (hopefully) be discussing S1E6 of the US TV Program, “Max Headroom,” originally aired 5 May 1987. Titled “The Blanks,” it is currently available on DVD through Shout Factory, and comes with a number of excellent bonus features. As it happens, this link doesn’t actually exist, which is a bonus for  you.