The Return of SipComs w/ Luc Thiers

The Return of SipComs w/ Luc Thiers
(Recorded on 25 March 2021) 

Heather is starting to take this Sitcom idea with “It’s Max!” very seriously, and we decided that there was no better way to get some real advice than to speak with Sitcom expert (and the host of SipComs), Luc Thiers. (Whom you can find online by visiting: @thiersofaclown on Instagram.) Luc joins us to talk about what it is that they find appealing about the format, their particular road into comedy, and some of the shows that they think are good examples of the modern changes that has happened with Sitcoms.

Heather is very curious about Pops.

Austin demands that Luc pitch an idea, NOW!