15.) A Breaking News Story!

15.) A Breaking News Story!
(Recorded on 4 Aug. 2022.)

In this episode we discuss the incredible news that broke on deadline.com on 29 July 2022. We offer a complete breakdown of the actual news, infer what we can from ancillary sources, and then offer a few tid-bits of our own news, from friends-of-the-show Steve Roberts and Michael Cassutt. (And it’s not exactly the kind of news you’re thinking it might be, either.) Lastly, we offer some conjecture as to what we want from this new show, and some ideas for how to pursue it.

Heather pitches a few new Max-related sitcoms.

Austin has done his homework.

In our next episode, we will be discussing the way that childbirth is presented on Max Headroom, and how we can look at recent Supreme Court Rulings in the United States, and how they could lead to a world like the one we see in “Rakers” and “Baby Grobags.” It’s a general conversation, but we do reference those two episodes.

We encourage you to help with our Patreon Fundraiser, where we are working with Michael Cassutt to create an audio-drama version of his lost vintage Max Headroom script, “Families.”