Heather & Austin Interview Martin Newell!

On 24 March, 2021, we had the distinct pleasure of speaking with Martin Newell, legendary home-taper, a big figure in the Cassette Trading Network in the ’80’s, and The Greatest Living Englishman, with a staggering amount of poetry and published, literary work, in addition to his Weekly Podcast, the Oddcaste.

Martin is the driving force behind The Cleaners From Venus, but his solo albums are just as inventive and whimsical, attracting the likes of Andy Partridge to work on producing for him.

capturedtracks.com has reissued Martin’s solo albums, and a new edition of “The Off White Album” hit stores YESTERDAY.

In this conversation, we discuss this reissue, the impending documentary about his life, and plenty of other bits and bobs throughout the half-hour.

This is actually a 30 minute edit of an 80 minute conversation, that will come out on the show this summer. But for now, you can enjoy this version, where you get to watch Martin Go-Go Dance for the camera, as well as get pumped while you wait for your copy of “The Off White Album” to land on your doorstep.

It was a really honor to speak with Martin, and he is as wonderful as his albums and songs. As a tease, you can hear a sample of one song from an album that has not yet been released yet, at the end of this video. So stay tuned! The album is coming out this summer… but you can hear this sample, NOW!

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