14.) Our Cup Runneth Over

14.) Our Cup Runneth Over
(Recorded on 26 Aug. 2021, 10 Jun. 2021, 7 Apr. 2021 and 14 Apr. 2021)

In this episode we present selections from a variety of past episodes, each segment cut for time but each interesting segments on their own, and are now edited together for your convenience. We also announce our Patreon Fundraiser, where we are working with Michael Cassutt to create an audio-drama version of his lost script, “Families.” Read All About It. Here’s a break-down of today’s episode, in case you want to skip straight to your favorite section:

Introduction             0:00:00 - 0:07:09: (07:08 Total)
More Bowie Talk          0:07:09 - 0:19:43: (12:34 Total)
More Season One Talk     0:19:43 - 0:40:46: (21:03 Total)
Bumper / Transition      0:40:46 - 0:43:35: (02:49 Total)
Michael Cassutt Snippets 0:43:35 - 1:15:00: (31:25 Total)
Let’s Build A Family     1:15:00 - 1:22:07: (07:07 Total)
RuPaul Outro / Next Time 1:22:07 - 1:28:46: (06:37 Total)

Heather reveals that she thought Max Headroom was a real AI.

Austin reveals who is favorite character from Season 1 is, and it’s fairly obvious.


In our next episode, we will be discussing S2E7 of the US TV Program, “The Circle,” originally dropped on Netflix on 21 April 2021. Titled “Friend Zoned…” it is currently available on Netflix.com. Yes, I’m sort of shocked myself. What can I say? It was Heather’s pick…