02.) Music Video Logic (Channel 4 Telefilm, “Max Headroom”)

02.) Music Video Logic (Channel 4 Telefilm, “Max Headroom”)
(Recorded on 26 Sept. 2020)

Exactly 36 years after the initial broadcast of “Max Headroom” on Channel 4, we discus this telefilm, sexual harassment on your first day at work, and if it really is cost-efficient to compress commercials to 1/10th their original length.

Heather wonders if David Bowie was a Max Headroom fan.

Austin wonders if the writer’s of “Freejack,” might have seen Bruegel’s wardrobe.


In our next episode, we will be discussing S1E1 of the US TV Program, “Max Headroom,” originally aired 31 March 1987. Titled “Blipverts,” it is currently available on DVD through Shout Factory, and comes with a number of excellent bonus features. This link might work for you, at least, for now.