Smart Sewers

Smart Sewers
(Recorded on 3 June 2021) 

In a recent episode of 99 Percent Invisible, there was a discussion of Smart Sewers. (Taking our old, ancient, non-networked and non-electrical sewer systems, and adding modern upgrades to them, so we can use technology to diagnose and interact with sewers in ways that were never possible before.) Since this actually offers a real-world example of how Max Headroom came true, we discuss this new technology. Plus, we announce our next Zoom Party, review some recent mail, remind people to sign up for the Lemonade Stand, and encourage people to attend the Rich Treasures DIY Pop-Up, coming later this month.

Heather sends a wonderful, wide-eyed gift to Austin.

Austin pushes his musical postcards with an obscure Headroom reference.