18.) The Steve Roberts Interview: “Hollywood Is A Weird Place”

18.) The Steve Roberts Interview: “Hollywood Is A Weird Place”
(Recorded on 31 Mar. 2021,  28 February 2022 and 25 August 2022.)

In this jam-packed, special episode of 20 Minutes Into The Future, we get the story of the various kinds of work Steve Roberts has done, going back to the early 70’s, and covering some of the work he’s done since Max Headroom. There are so many stories and incredible moments from his past that we couldn’t possibly fit it all into one episode, but instead, consider this a 90 minute introduction to a fascinating man, who just so happened to have written Max Headroom, too. This episode pairs very well with our interview featuring the life of Michael Cassutt, and as mentioned in the body of this show, a lot more detail appears in our panel discussion, featuring three of the key players in the US Show Creative team: Brian Frankish, Michael Cassutt & Steve Roberts. All three of them paint a much more complete picture of the US Show and how it came to be, and I think you can read between the lines just enough to get a sense of the story behind the story, too.

Heather is very excited to meet Steve’s dog.

Austin has far too many questions for Mr. Roberts that he’s been wanting to ask for years.


In our next episode, we are not entirely sure what we will be talking about yet. We are still sorting out our upcoming schedule, but one of our next episodes will feature a conversation about the film Network, which seems to currently be streaming on HBO Max, though who can say how long that will be? There are a number of other places to find it, too, so check it out, and we’ll get out next episode out, ASAP.

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